Time for Good Light – How to position your light? Michael’s take on lighting setups

Marriage Photography Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. PsyDei Itzamná

    The “clock” idea it’s amazing, you earned a subscriber.

  2. hallo, very nice tuto and setup easy to travel with !
    what is the diameter of the umbrella and reference ? i am using d300 +
    I think 4 sb900 would be more expensive than a rx400 elinchron ! perhaps
    photix are cheaper…
    best regards

  3. I’ve been taking photos since the mid/late 70’s with formal training and I
    have never seen light positioning explained so simply. Why didn’t anyone
    think of this before? Thanks for this video and now I need to find the
    subscribe button!

  4. this is brilliant and awesome, thans a lot

  5. LOVE this! Thank you!

  6. Kerry Sleeman

    Hi what size umbrella are you using here and it it with just one
    speedlight? Thanks

  7. Ilqar Cabbarov

    Time for Good Light – How to position your light?…:

  8. With all that talk would be nice to be a little beam light on model hair to
    separate her black hair from sold black background.

  9. good vid, but sadly, no camera settings were mentioned

  10. My Favorite instructor by far!

  11. Excellent!

  12. very cool – thank you Michael. can you please tell me what lens you are
    using and the pros and cons of using each ‘end’ of the lens?

  13. Fucking genius ! Never thought about it as being a clock. btw, that model
    has a great ass… js

  14. Miley onDisney

    I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Thank you.

  15. Great info!! 

  16. Charles McLaughlin

    Sorry, but this is a bunch of non-information. It doesn’t tell you where
    you should place a light, just gives names to different positions. How
    does this tell me how to light a subject? It tells you NOTHING about how
    to produce the most flattering highlights and shadows, or produce Good
    Light, as the title suggests. It doesn’t mention short lighting, broad
    lighting, Rembrandt lighting, butterfly lighting, etc. It doesn’t explain
    a system, just gives names to positions in a circle. And the fact that he
    doesn’t use a lens shade on his lens, while an umbrellas is shining right
    into it, indicates he doesn’t care (or know) about flare in his pictures.
    Not professional.

  17. Super! Smart

  18. Which canon are you using and lens

  19. Assumption Gomes

    Thanks, I like the” Clock” idea, your video are great. 

  20. Creative Solutions NY LLC

    Simple…Intuitive…Easy to remember…Thx. Michael.

  21. Love the clock idea coupled with one large light source and reflector.
    Thank you for the excellent and clear information.

  22. 2 is a nice time of day

  23. Przemysław Wollenszleger

    Hi Michael 🙂
    At first I have to confess, that your face remind me of my old not-so-liked
    by me buddy, so this has a huge negative impact on your tutorials, yeah, I
    know, I’m sick bastard 🙂
    But! Your tutorials ara amazingly easy to understand, you know how to teach
    with simply words 🙂 Keep the good work and have a good light to you :)

  24. Menant Frédéric

    Can tell me what kind of material i have to buy to follow you?

  25. Can you please advice some flash technique to avoid other big lights like