The Basics of a One Light Setup: A Lighting Tutorial

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  1. I recognize that the people of The Slanted Lens meant well with with video,
    but it has some flaws that, for me, would warrant a reshoot.

    First, clean up the set. Don’t have any distractions in any of the shots at
    Get rid of everything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

    Next, the instructor falls into the classic hole so many knowledgeable
    folks do.
    They know a lot, but they aren’t very good at getting that knowledge across
    to others.
    This is happening in this video.

    Example: The instructor mentions ‘a Rembrandt’ but doesn’t go any further
    to explain what he meant. Yes, vets know about Rembrandt lighting, but that
    shouldn’t have been the assumption of the teacher. Mentioning Rembrandt put
    a question mark in lots of viewers heads, getting in the way of absorbing

    The instructor would be clever to use his own head as well, as it’s a more
    realistic model than the sphere he uses. He should use both.
    Set up a mirror above or beneath camera lens so he can see himself and use
    his own head to explain lighting details.

    Good journey.

  2. Christopher Freedom

    Great Tutorial! Subscribed :)

  3. Gardner Calibuso

    I am a poor man with a passion for photography. All of these tutorials are
    pretty darn good, but i cannot afford any of your gears. You have way too
    many gears and they are intimidating. Can you like talk more of an
    everyday and practical way of doing photographs without presenting us with
    million dollars gears? Thanks and offense at all

  4. Some photogs smear Vaseline over the lens. It provides a highly diffused,
    otherworldly look.

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  9. You rock – it worked!!!!!

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  11. so how does one get rid of the hot spots on the lighted side? and the over
    saturated spots on her forehead? thanks ~

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  14. Another prick promoting ancient Egyptians. 

  15. If Tamron paid me to use their products I’d be excited about it too……..
    Otherwise not so much. Overall a decent presentation.

  16. Wonderful tutorial. I love this!

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  19. she is the second Monica Bellucci! so gorgeous 

  20. Subscribed!

  21. I really like these videos, but I find their setups quite expensive.

  22. As usual, very well done JP. Shame about the sick comment buy Jan Kacbek
    below. He’s obviously a troll. The importance and basics of a one light set
    up is an important part to any serious up and coming photographer. Once you
    understand light. The world is your oyster. Cheers JP. Keep em com in bro!

  23. So this is what a a 150 year old retired billionaire does after retirement.