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Oct 16

A Successful Career in Photography Profession That Started with a Dairy Love

Danae Bauer, a graduate from the NY Institute of Photography, was raised in a Wisconsin dairy farm that helped her understand the meaning and importance of hard work in life.

This lesson helped her transform her passion for clicking pictures into the full-fledged photography profession.

It was in her early ages that she discovered she had a creative side of her own with a passion for beautiful things. Presently, this graduate girl, who also happens to be the merit award winner, recalls how her hobby turned into business with near about forty thousand likes on the social site Facebook.

“I started when I was 8 to 10 years old,” said Bauer. “It was an interest I had, and I’ve always been kind of creative and messy as a child, and that drove my mother crazy. I always like exploring things and finding new ways to be creative.”
So, she is a spontaneous photographer who takes beautiful pictures effortlessly. It was her farm that all her passion of photography revolved around without the slightest hint that this would one day be her profession.
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Oct 13

How To Take A Great Family Photo (Portrait Photography)

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Jun 12

iPhone Portrait Photography Crash Course | How to take great images with your iPhone or Cell Phone

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Nov 11

How to Take Great Portrait Photos

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