Portrait Studio Photography Lighting Tips – Better Group Shots

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  2. Thank you so much, I now feel like I have a better understanding of group shot and some great tips to fall back on. Great tutorial!

  3. I really hate people who think that their kids get “washed out” by a white background. You have to be a real albino like Powder to be washed out by a white background. Hate that term.

  4. Great tips and instruction. Really helpful. Thanks.

  5. Very good tutorial, well explained. Thanks.

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  7. Hey. Nice tutorial, i like how you explain things in nice calm and easy to understand-way. It’s simple but effective things to learn 🙂 But i’d like to see a pic where you’ve actually changed all the things you’ve commented on. In that way i think i could visualize things and by that understand things even better 🙂 Just a thought. Keep up the good work.


  8. Jems….. wide apertures like f2.8 have a shallow DOF [depth of field] so with five people in a group get to at least f5.6 – that with a wider angle lens will allow more DOF and thus better focus insurance for sharper shots. Try to up the ISO to 800. This helps get the aperture to f5.6 range.

  9. If lighting is low and aperture is wide open, where do you focus to get everyone tack sharp focus? Again for most amatuers we don’t have studio lights. Also would you focus and recompose?

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    Nice one.