Portrait Photography : How to Take Your Own Head Shots

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  1. BonusVideoView

    Great photo tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more cool tips & videos.

  2. C’mon folks! If you have a studio strobe, a softbox, a backdrop, a tripod and a remote, chances are you pretty much know how to take your own photo.

  3. How far does the camera need to be away from you and the type of lense use for head shots.

  4. Click,Boom,HEADSHOT!!!!!!(with my Intervention XD)

  5. nice video!!!

  6. thanks for the info! I got to start saving!

  7. pixelatedDream

    If you get one under a 100 you’ll only be able to take granny pictures you can barely see UNLESS your outside in the sunlight…and even then the quality sucks

  8. Can you use any type of digital camera. Like me I need a camera affordable like under 100 dollars

  9. cool as! :)

  10. Yes the softbox seems to be the only thing I lack..

  11. ….any Joe can find a tripod lying around, most people have one but a softbox?