Portrait Photography : Good Poses for Head Shots

Wedding Pictures Online video Rating: four / five

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  1. You are crowding your model horribly, she has no space to even breath.
    This is making her look tense and as though she wants to escape.

  2. Jonathan Boutin

    I’m searching for a complete Tutorial for posing do you know where I could
    find somtehing like in this video ? thanks for this video

  3. she is hot

  4. Rodney White

    Simplicity!!! AHH Great video, short and sweet, but most of all, to the

  5. blinking is sexy

  6. Baldoxxx4000

    that man is a pedophile……i know because i……

  7. shes, flawless…

  8. She does blink a lot! LOL

  9. Eugen Georgescu

    i was thinking about the same thing. looks like a pedo

  10. Men should pose like feminine and not masculine? Why is that?

  11. Many thanks for the whole series! I appreciated very much your very subtle
    but effective way of getting in touch with the person in question. Nice job!

  12. posingsecrets

    Thanks for the great tips!

  13. that guy is kind of scary. but, there are good tips.

  14. Douglas H Stout

    Awkward… poor Emily.

  15. goldencharlie

    A very useful tutorial! Thank you for sharing it! Carlo

  16. brentenireland

    Great simple practical hints thanks

  17. NO NO! Don´t shoot her!??!?!

  18. posingsecrets

    Thanks for the great tips! I would like to use it for my blogs if it is ok
    for you.

  19. @noobhammer4 LOL this foo lmao

  20. jesus christ woman stop blinkin

  21. xmlcruleznusuckx

    people blink when they’re nervous, maybe she was just nervous!

  22. great advice! ill subscribe

  23. good video, nice tips, nothing more to be said! 🙂

  24. lol, i just love how he pronounces headshots 😀

  25. ButRachaelsays21

    @photoman022 shes seems to be blinking bc her hair is in her eyes