Outdoor Portraits Tutorial: How to use natural light and fill flash with digital photography

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  1. I don’t think its possible to take a bad picture of Chelsea.

  2. Really like that you’re East Coast. I get tired of everything coming out of

  3. mikael crucifix

    Hello Tony What is the power of your flash when you take the picture ? Or
    maybe in TTL ? anyway when I take a shot in the sun with my flash it always
    result in overexposed and too white face …
    Any tips ? thanks ! 

  4. Hello Tony Can I Send You Some Pictures Of Mine Im New To The DSLR World I
    want Your Feed back on my photography I Have A Nikon D2300 .

  5. hi Tony. ok, so my question is, why aren’t you using the built in flash of
    the camera? or why isn’t advisable to use it? thanks! Beginner in
    photography here :)

  6. worldofbraiding

    I have my T3 in manual can I shoot having the lens on auto focus?

  7. What about when sun is behind the clouds?

  8. I really love your videos. You both explain the contents very well. So i
    have ordered your book, though it was twice the price, due to international
    shipping. I hope it will teach me more about photography 🙂
    Thumbs up for both Northups!!

  9. The shot you take when you change positions is not that image though shown
    after as her teeth are showing and in the image shown to us she’s not
    showing teeth. Just saying 🙂 

  10. sorgans sorgan

    cheating a bit though, cant imagine that woman taking a bad portrait ever.

  11. The woman is so beautiful it’s hard to tell which picture looks bad.

  12. wow Chelsea Northrup is soooooo sexy, cute and beautyful !!!

  13. So you recommend to have a flash light most of the time? And which flash
    light should I get to get the same results as in this video. This is my
    first time owning a 7d. Thanks

  14. Most flashes in my budget have a range of 24-105mm, and I was wanting to
    use a Rokinon 85mm f/1.4, which would round out to a 135mm f/2.2, so can I
    still use a flash within portrait shooting and still have the same effect
    shown in this video, or would I be limited to just the 50mm f/1.8? 

  15. Damn chealsey fine as mf

  16. Audomaro Moreira

    I like the video + model make easy to get beautiful photos.

  17. Thanks a lot really helpful and useful information this we should take care
    sometimes while taking photos on phones even

  18. I was with you until you used the flash… Nobody wants white dots dead
    centre in their pupils. In my opinion it looks way better to use a
    reflector below, for catchlights and filling in shadows.

  19. Great and practical tips as ever from Tony Ben Lalmy

  20. yes adding a flesh light to shaded area works good in portrait images.

  21. Like your videos. Watch re-runs weekly. Never seem to be able to catch the
    live shows. Will keep trying. 

  22. o chelsea :(

  23. This tutorial changed my life.
    I like your explanation because your are very clear and just very
    professional to explain important topics.
    I am going to buy this flash and shoot into the shade.
    Thanks Tony Northrup

    Uria Simango

  24. Robin schrbatsky, waddup ?

  25. Hubertt Requena

    Es sobre fotografía, peeeero creo que me enamoré de ella