One Light Fashion Portrait Photography Tutorial

Marriage ceremony Photography Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. startphotography

    Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  2. woooooooooooooooooooooooow

  3. How many people can I shoot

  4. woow nice I like it

  5. Only thing i didn’t like was some of the editing was really out there like the last picture. but good job either way, composition and exposures are good

  6. you set the light to a power of your choice then meter. it will tell you the proper exposure on the skin. This was a very simple tutorial, yeah it isn’t the best one out there, but its a baseline to start with. in photography its all about getting your shots and practicing to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

  7. @ hogg doc so what!

  8. Well thought out and presented. One light with sync flash is easily controlled. Thanks

  9. the problem is not with camera, but with flash unit or radio trigger.
    so just keep it around 125th or 1/160
    manual for the flash should recommend the max shutter speed

  10. StevenScholten

    When I go to 1/200. I get the sutter shadow

  11. 1/160 is fine. but you can change that default in custom settings.

  12. StevenScholten

    Hi. Good video.
    Is that a 5D MkII ? mine only syncs to 1/160th (using strobe and Yongnuo trigger)
    Greets from Holland

  13. Nice tutorial. Thanks!

    BTW, Too much makeup!

  14. i agree

  15. OMG – This guy is so funny. He is plugging the Pocket Wizard into the “LIGHT METER” where can I get one of those?

    He shoots at 100 ISO so the print doesn’t “pixelate” when enlarged, really. Think maybe he maybe talking about reducing digital noise in an image.

    No mention of using a light meter to adjust the light level to match his preferred camera settings. The final images are heavily processed, no mention of that in the video.

    Come on, instruct if that is your intention!

  16. ok….cool. You inspire me Bother. Thanks. I know you are a busy person, but please continue to bless us with your knowledge.Thanks again.

  17. This TWO Light Fashion Portrait (+ Your head )

  18. AussieSoccerBoy94

    4:05 is a awesome photo

  19. Good tutorial, the finished images are great too. But most of them are not a one light shots or related to this shoot/video. My comment is not to offend you, just a remark.

  20. yes I do 

  21. spasibo !

  22. Great input! I can’t wait to try this!

  23. Отличное видео, Модель шикарна!

  24. jerometerry26

    Nice Video!

  25. How many of you geezers (commenters) posted a similar video on Youtube? I thought so. How about a nice cup of STFU.

    The video is great man. I am sharing it on G+. Excuse my french. I dislike amateur critics and negative approach to life. If they don’t have anything good to say, just keep the pie hole shut.