Nigel Barker: How To Take Wedding Photos – Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks

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  1. MichaelRayWegner

    But the issue is, the camera is doing all the work. You get no where in photography with a camera that does all the work. That’s why bigger camera’s are better, because they push you to do most of the work yourself.

  2. Yes! It is small but it is pretty awesome! 🙂

  3. Believe it or not that Sony out performs alot of the bigger cameras out there. In fact if its the one i think it is it costs over a grand and has adapters that will allow it to use any Nikon, Canon and even Hasseblad lens.

  4. Having a bigger heavier camera does not equal being a “Professional” photographer. My friend has a bigger and heavier camera but his pictures are horrible. The Sony NEX camera delivers the same professional picture quality but in a smaller lighter body. Unfortunately ignorant people will always judge photographers by how big the camera is as opposed to how the end results come out as. Wise up.

  5. big doesnt mean better

  6. Very useful tips. Please everyone check my video and see some of my photographs. Let me know what you think please.

  7. Thanks for watching and commenting! :)

  8. Thank you!

  9. Not a “how to shoot wedding photography” but a camera ad for Sony.

  10. Amazing 🙂 Subscribed 🙂 <3 <3 😀

  11. Great tips matey. But I rather use my canon eos 7d for my weddings 😀

  12. JackWilliamsChannel

    A photographer is defined by his photos and not by his equipment. That camera you’re referring to is not a bad camera because it’s small, in fact it matches SLR/SLT performance.

  13. i used a olympus e-420 with the 14-42mm lens it was great! also try going on the opposite side of the subject and great video btw really helps=]

  14. I hate it when people say “Oh he’s not giving tips, the video is just shameless ad for sony” yet if they see a nikon or a canon camera they’ll cheer on it. FYI people, its all about the photographer and skills not the camera if you think oppositely you so called “photographers” have no talent at all.

  15. i dont like nigels photos at all is it just me?

  16. Ok… Nigel is an AMAZING photographer… But seriously, don’t tell people they can be a pro with that little sony. If a PAID photographer showed up to shoot my wedding with that thing I’d punch him in the face.

  17. hope he’ll use hx9v for his next video.. ; )

  18. Also it’s a prime lens, so in order to change the distance you have to physically move. Unless you have several other lenses that span between wide and telefoto(after the crop factor adjustment),and don’t mind changing lenses several times, then a wide range zoom would be a good lens to have. Just my opinion.

  19. I’m not Nigel, but I know a thing or two about photography.Since you own a7D I’m assuming you know some basic photography principles and jargon so none of what I say should sound foreign to you.Your 50mm is a good lens but you gotta remember your camera’s crop factor and that 50 is gonna turn into an 80(I think) which is telefoto. That’s great for close-ups but you could forget about the wide shots(like the shot at 1:11) unless your shooting from a block away.

  20. TheyCallMeShinobi

    EVreyone that wonders what camera that is it is Its Called Sony Nex 5 Its is a little bit expensive camera but as the guy said takes beautiful picture s

  21. r u kidding? its a Sony NEX-5..

  22. alright~ show me the lenses, not the stupid body…

  23. Hi! whats the name of the camera?

  24. thank you sooo much!!! more photography tips would be awesome!!!

  25. Thanks you!