How to Take Great Portrait Photos

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  1. Sun on the subject is not always the best!!

  2. 124moviesiwatch

    Ask for permission first. If yes then go for it – why waste time waiting for the model to fix hair, etc.? I have brushed hair for models and adjusted hands, etc. without a problem EVER! Be a pro and not a creep and there should not be a problem.

  3. Thanks for the great tips, it very helpful!

  4. Kelspitchenese16

    2:53 – Never EVER touch the model!

  5. lol pancake lens.

  6. 50mm and the 85mm would really give some nice background blur which helps you with the outside photos ..

  7. i love this! it’s all very basic, but still very helpful!

  8. @histvyv you are correct. i am good with taking photos in my Nikon D800 but i had trouble to edit it. And my bro has got many comments in flickr after he edited his pics using this killer software. really worth watch this video here >>

  9. I found my first model (with amazing blue eyes) I will be photoshooting her this weekend, hope she will as comfortable as this one on here …

  10. I learned that a telephoto is the best for portraits. Wide angle will make a lot of deformations on your model face, body vs legs, etc.

  11. 1) Close your eyes
    2) Think of how much money you want
    3) Post this on two other videos
    4) Check under you pillow

  12. Do you also consider the crop factor in? Right? :D

  13. feels like a learned alot but i need help in shutter speed and Aperture so much to do

  14. yeah ^^ guess my name gave me away eh :))

  15. Haha, that is true my friend 🙂 By the way, are you from Vietnam? Your name tells me you are 😉

  16. however, what is the problem when use a 20mm to take portrait? 20mm can provide some beautiful looking portrait with very special unique perspective 😀

  17. 20mm for portraits? are u kiddin me? wide angle lens are used when u wanna include background… also distort person ur making foto’s off…. i advice 50mm or more for this kind of portraits….

  18. Why’s he touching the model?

  19. Get a new accent! It sucks.

  20. 85-100 for portrait is was i learned.

  21. i think it is because of the 1.4 aperture , you can get with that aperture some nice bokeh.

  22. LigayProductions

    40mm is still really not that long. 50 is generally the minimun, and most use 85 or longer.

  23. Nice video. Quite basic but nice. I just don’t like sone shots where the light on the face is too warm.

  24. so true :)

  25. Mymetallicpotato

    Focal lengths such as 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm are used because of the perspective. Using a wide angle such as a 20mm lens would definitely exaggerate the subject’s facial features to a point where it wouldn’t be very flattering. The perspective of a 20mm lens looks the same weather it’s on a large format, medium format, full frame, APS-C, or micro four thirds camera. The smaller the sensor, the less of a window the camera has to capture the image. Zoom is perspective, crop is the window.