Digital Photography – Outdoor Portrait

Wedding Photography Movie Rating: 3 / five

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  1. A agree that it’s a bad photo. The kid is standing too far away from the others, and the shadows are all wrong.

  2. dennisonearth

    Dogsoldier you’re way out of line. This is simply a nice, FUN, family portrait. It wasn’t taken to be on the cover of Vogue. Yes, the contrast is pretty extreme on their faces, but the fill flash helps. I think cropping the bike wheel is fine, too. Nobody is sitting on it. But I’m not sure the advice about closing eyes is correct. If you do that, then the pupils of the eyes open up (big black holes in your eyes). But since they’re far away, I guess that’s OK too. Nice pic!

  3. It’s obviously indicating that he’s the black sheep of the family.

  4. dogsoldiersbrother

    highlights are blown out, kid on right is too far away from the others, and why are the bikes off centered and bleeding off of the right side of the page? He didn’t leave enough room for cropping. C’mon people plan your shots better, that’s the number one tip for the day.

  5. sebastianekdahlphoto

    I just sended a video response of one of my outdoor photography shoots, if you watch it “FroKnowsPhoto” please give me some critique.

    Regards Sebastian Ekdahl

  6. Why Israel?

  7. Speaking of Facebook photos, All my friends who had their photos taken by me, have posted them on facebook