Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 72: Composing Portraits

Marriage ceremony Photography Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. 12345dorian678910

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  2. very good

  3. whisperingwind7

    thanks for the vid..

  4. JanErikEdvartsen

    Very hot model 🙂 And also very educational :) Thanks Mark and Adorama 🙂

  5. there are more in depth videos on the actual adorama website – Mark (aka snapfactory) is just one guy, running his own business and managing to film high quality videos in his own time on top. I appreciate them and his work at least, as nothing else comes close on YT. To go through the complete repertoire of classic photography headshots and compositions would take forever I have 4 books on the subject alone. 8 minutes is a good jump off point.

  6. Yes but the people behind this video `adorama tv` are a wealthy business with many people working for them, including editors and pro photographers. They could make much more in depth vids if they wanted and it would be no skin off their nose.

  7. better than anything you or I could do. The amount of effort it takes to put together and edit an 8 minute video is astonishing.

  8. There not that amazing, 8 mins is so short. It would take much longer to cover the subject well. These videos are just an overview on the subjects and are not a robust guide at all.

  9. coolguy79jeffrey

    how should i ask the model to pose?

  10. helpfull keep it up .

  11. criticaltinker

    thanks for this great tips…

  12. gullbuttqasim

    how we take gr8 potrait during the wedding [lz plz plz plz tell setting which i use,…..mail me please…

  13. DP 1 on 1 is the most comprehensive and helpful photography videos on youtube!

  14. This is exactly what i am looking for, Thanks so so much :)

  15. bruyndonckxmaurice

    Thank you Mark for those great tutorials.
    Maurice from Belgium

  16. nebojsamuzika

    great tutorial. really useful advices

  17. Better than!

  18. He is the best…

  19. Thanks for the helpful video.

  20. What lenses use at this episode?

  21. DanKPhotography

    I know right! And these guys and Mark Wallace make these very videos professional and looks like they invest a good amount of time to make it. Learned alot from him 🙂

  22. Thanks Mark! I really needed this. 🙂

  23. Gratulerer! =]

  24. Thanks Mark, great vid…